The Team

frank is coordinated and operated by the staff of the UF Center for Public Interest Communications and a team of UF students and consultants.

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2020 Frank Steering Committee

Andy Burness, president, Burness
Ann Christiano, Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications, UF
Mark Dessauer, vice president, Spitfire Strategies
Julia Fraustino, assistant professor, West Virginia University
Kristen Grimm, president, Spitfire Strategies
Erin B. Hart, chief innovation officer, Spitfire Strategies
Bobby Jones, chief marketing and communications officer, Peace First
Joe Marx, director of program communications, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ben Milder, principal and director of public policy, Burness
Scott Montgomery, head of content, Education Week
David Morse, former chief communications officer, Atlantic Philanthropies
Rich Neimand, president, Neimand Collaborative
Prita Piekara. Spitfire Strategies
Aaryn Richard
, communications manager for Michigan State University Foundation
Matt Sheehan, journalism faculty, UF
Amy Lynn Smith, writer + strategist
Renee Woodside, foundation manager, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

2021 frank prize Steering Committee

We’d like to thank our prize committee for taking on the rigorous task of reviewing all of the entrants and selecting the top three.

Previous prize finalists and winners appear in bold.

Aaron Zeiler
Amy Chadwick, Ph.D.
Amy Lynn Smith
Andrew Romero
Angela Bradbery
Ann Searight Christiano
Annie Neimand, Ph.D.
Ben Milder
Bruce Trachtenberg
Chelsea Schein, Ph.D.
Cian Mcalone
Davin Phoenix, Ph.D.
Ellen Nodine
Erica Rosenthal, Ph.D.
Erin Hart
Gwen McNamara
Julia Fraustino, Ph.D.
Gordon Kraft-Todd, Ph.D
Eugenia Blaubach
Jack Barry, Ph.D.
Jasmine McNealy, Ph.D.
Jay Hmielowski, Ph.D.
Jennifer Messenger
Jeremy Yip, Ph.D.
Jon Roozenbeek, Ph.D.
Kate Davies
Kelly Chernin, Ph.D.
Kristin Joys, Ph.D.
Kurt Gray, Ph.D.
Lauren Parater
Linda Hon, Ph.D.
Lisa Fazio, Ph.D.
Marzena Zukowska
Matt Sheehan
Melody Mohebi, Ph.D.
Myiah Hutchens, Ph.D.
Natalie Tindall, Ph.D.
Randy Bennett
Rich Neimand
Sam Snyder, Ph.D.
Sander van der Linden, Ph.D.
Sara Isaac
Shom Mazumder, Ph.D.
Spiro Kiousis, Ph.D.
Troy Campbell, Ph.D.
Yu Hao Lee, Ph.D.