Stay tuned for updates on frank

In February 2023, we held the 10th frank, and it was marvelous. It was our first time physically together in far too long, and we were reminded of just how powerful it can be when movement-builders, scholars, strategists and storytellers come together and share the best of what we know.

As frank enters its teen years, we’re embarking on a journey to figure out what’s next. Within our Center team, we’re calling this frank’s “gap year”— a brief pause on the week-long extravaganza. frank will be back, but like anyone on a growth spurt, it will probably look different in the best possible ways.

You’ll be hearing more from us in the fall. If you’re already wondering how you’ll stay connected to all the things you love about this community, here are some things you might do:

  1. Send us your ideas for things we should explore during our gap year. 
  2. Help us fundraise. TBH, more resources make frank and the field better for everyone. It means we can pay the people who help make frank happen, and hire (and compensate) the help we need. Hosting frank costs about $350,000 a year in direct costs, and our Center team has to bring in another $600,000 each year to keep our lights on. 
  3. Tell us about other ways you’d like to collaborate with us. Should we host franklet meet-ups in cities near you? Start a “book club” of essential readings for our fields? Organize a “Real Good Trip” to historically significant sites in the social change space? How else can we help this essential community thrive?