frank 2019

At this year’s gathering, we explored space in all of its different meanings.
The spaces between us. The spaces that include us — or exclude us.
The spaces that allow us to feel welcomed.
The spaces that allow us to bring new meanings to things.
Join us in our exploration of space.

Here are the main stage speakers at our gathering Feb. 6-8, 2019.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

Tamarra Thal: Combating Stereotypes with Simply — The Truth

Jacob Larson: What a Pub Wants
Mary-Pat Hector: Our Space
Lizz Winstead: Welcome
Elsa Waithe: Comedy is Power
the frank research prize
Tracy Van Slyke: The World We Want
Shawn Taylor: Fandom Makes This World

Thursday, Feb. 7

Seven Minutes in Heaven with a Scientist: Caty Borum Chattoo
Maytha Alhassen: From Real to Represented
Susanna Blankley: Building vs. Winning: Shifting the Power for the Long
Tony Weaver: It’s Morphin’ Time

Michael McPhearson: Making and Conceding Space — Taking and Passing the Torch
Seven Minutes in Heaven with a Scientist: Shom Mazumder
Annie Flanagan: Deafening Sound
Deborah Jacobs: Cop Talk: Bridging the Gap between the Police and the Public
Rachelle Reeder: Tales from the Dark Side
Joseph Phelan: Who We Need to Win
Seven Minutes in Heaven with a Scientist: Jeremy Yip
Heidi Boisvert, The Ethics of Button Pushing: Using biometric and AI for Media Effects Research
Enrique Balcazar: Las Vacas No Sé Ordeñas Solas
(The Cows Don’t Milk Themselves)
Sam Snyder: Adventures and Power Building from the Salmon State
Marika Anthony-Shaw: Culture Shift
Ryan Senser: If You’re Storytelling You’re Already Too Late

Friday, Feb. 8

frank Research Prize finalist: Jeremy Yip
Jeffrey Jones: It All Adds Up
Fiona Morgan: Information Deserts, Predatory Swamps
frank Research Prize finalist: Shom Mazumder
Alan Jenkins: Vision, Values & Voice
Zahra Noorbakhsh: Funny is Funny, So What’s Happening to Standup Comedy
Lessons Every frankster Should Know
frank 2019 recap/closing video