frank 2022 Feb 23-24
frank 2022 Feb 23-24

the premiere social change conference returns.

frank 2022. Feb. 23-24

At frank 2022 we’ll explore the role of lived experience1 in driving lasting social change. Science tells us that stories are the most powerful tool changemakers have, and that the most affected are the most effective storytellers for changing hearts and minds. And when we experience a powerful story, it can feel as though we have experienced those events for ourselves.

As the social change sector has increasingly embraced storytelling as a change strategy, significant ethical issues have emerged. Those who share their lived experience might feel that their stories have become commodities, they are “banked” and used to advance organizational agendas. Those who lived the stories may have lost control of how and where their stories are told, or feel as though that single story defines them for the world.

How can the social change sector uplift peoples’ lived experiences, ensuring that these individuals are at the center of decisions about how their stories are told and the contexts in which they are shared without retraumatizing or exhausting them? And how can people who live their cause care for themselves and manage the daily responsibility of that experience?

How do we protect ourselves and others from being defined by stories others tell about our experiences?  What can we learn from our field, communities and scholarship that can help us tell stories and build the world we wish existed?

1Oxford definition: Personal knowledge about the world gained through direct, first-hand involvement in everyday events rather than through representations constructed by other people. It may also refer to knowledge of people gained from direct face-to-face interaction rather than through a technological medium.

The gathering is happening from your office or home!

In response to evolving COVID conditions, we’ve moved to a fully distance format.

A few of our speakers:

Additional main stage speakers and frank discussions topics coming soon…

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Why is frank not in person in 2022?

Despite our best efforts to cast a warding spell over Gainesville, the continued spread of the coronavirus variants put the brakes on our plans for an in-person frank gathering this year.

We can’t welcome you back to town this time, but we’re still excited to offer a frank event featuring speakers who are working on the forefront of today’s most pressing issues and a screen-full of other festivities along the way.

What is included in my distance registration fee?

  • Access via private Zoom link to all the main stage talks and distance recess/breakout programming
  • Opportunity to discuss important topics and network with your peers in programming designed specifically for distance participants
  • New friends and instant community among leading social change advocates and allies
  • A special box of frank goodies mailed to your location (register by Jan 31, 2022)

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