frank Volunteer Positions

Sign up to be a frank volunteer! Requirements: We’re looking for students – any major. You must attend an informational meeting on Jan. 15 or 16, at 6 p.m. in the AHA Lab in Weimer Hall, College of Journalism and Communications . You can sign up here to be an ambassador or RSVP via Facebook. Questions? Email:


Registration for franksters takes place in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the Hampton Inn Downtown Hotel. You will welcome guests, check them in using Eventbrite software, get them their program, make sure they get their freebies, and answer any questions they have about the area. Requirements: You serve as the front line of our team in the registration room. You must be able to work under pressure, answer numerous questions, think on your feet and multitask!

Registration Set up:

On the load in and load out days, you will help unpack all the boxes full of freebies, programs, nametags, computers, etc. and assist in setting up the registration room. Requirements: This work does not require heavy lifting. Many of the people who set up usually volunteer to work registration as well.


As an usher, you will not only help people find their seat. You will also help show people out in case of an emergency. Think of them as flight attendants on the ground! Requirements: Attend a training session with the frank team.

Frank lounge set up & take down

You will help arrange the furniture and decorations in the frank lounge, located in the basement of the Hippodrome.
Requirements: If you are a HGTV fan and a DIY-type, this job is for you!

Frank lounge

The frank lounge is open each day during the sessions on the mainstage at the Hippodrome. All the mainstage talks are streamed on to the TVs in the lounge so franksters may take a break to visit the lounge for coffee and snacks or to catch up on their emails. If you work the lounge, you will be responsible for keeping it tidy throughout the day, brewing coffee, replenishing snacks, keeping it relatively quiet (so people can work or listen to the live stream) and be available to answer questions from attendees and speakers. Requirements: Lounge ambassadors should enjoy hospitality work and know (or learn) how to make coffee.

Frank store

We sell our vintage frank swag as well as other other fun things in the frank store, which is located in the frank lounge in the bottom of the Hippodrome. Requirements: Volunteers in this position should have experience working in retail or a position requiring money handling. You will be responsible for setting up a creative table display and handling credit card or cash transactions.

Recess/Social Media

Recess takes place in the area coffee shops and restaurants. They are hour long breaks where franksters gathering by topic to discuss things in more detail or where they can learn new skills. If you volunteer to work these sessions, you will be asked to lead the franksters to the location of the recess and then stay for the session and use social media to report on the session. Requirements: You should be familiar with downtown Gainesville as well as have a Twitter account and know how to use it.

Evening Event Help

We will have an evening welcome reception Tuesday, Feb. 4 and an evening party on Wednesday, Feb 5 and Thursday, Feb. 6 We will need ambassadors for at each of these events to help with ticket distribution, set up and various activities. This is normally a great opportunity to mingle with franksters. You will not be responsible for serving any food or cleaning up the location. Requirements: You don’t mind working at night!